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Field day on cover crops, alfalfa mulch planned Aug. 22

MADISON -- A field day on cover crops and alfalfa mulch is planned Aug. 22 at the Carmen Fernholz farm near Madison.

How do you ensure crops are getting enough nutrients? Organic producer Fernholz is attempting to answer that. With funding from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and assistance from researchers at the University of Minnesota, Fernholz will be conducting his second year of on-farm research. He is looking at obtaining enough nitrogen from the use of alfalfa mulch and cover crops to grow a high yielding corn crop.

Beginning at 1 p.m. , attendees will hear an explanation of Fernholz's alfalfa mulch research and will learn about utilizing various cover crops in organic or conventional agriculture systems. A tour of the mulch and cover crop acres will be given. Attendees will also be able to view the machinery Fernholz uses to apply the alfalfa mulch and plant the cover crops.

This is an outdoor event and will be held rain or shine. Please dress accordingly. From Madison, travel east on Highway 40 for 1 mile. An A-frame house on the north side of the road is the Fernholz farm at 2484 Hwy. 40, Madison.

The field day is presented by nonprofit corporation Rural Advantage and University of Minnesota Extension.