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Zebra mussels found in Brophy and Cowdry lakes near Alexandria

ALEXANDRIA -- Minnesota Department of Natural Resources biologists confirmed on Friday a report that zebra mussels are now in Brophy and Cowdry lakes near Alexandria.

Brophy and Cowdry are part of a small chain of lakes less than a mile upstream of Lake Darling and the Alexandria chain of lakes, which were confirmed to have zebra mussels in June 2009, the DNR reported on its website today.

A local homeowner found several zebra mussels attached to rocks in Brophy, near his property, and reported it to the DNR. The DNR surveyed Brophy and downstream in Cowdry and found young zebra mussels in both lakes.

"It is very disappointing that zebra mussels found their way into this small chain of lakes," said Nathan Olson, DNR invasive species specialist in Fergus Falls. "Everyone needs to take extra precautions not to transport these pests to other waters in the area."