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Stearns County, Minn., Sheriff: Daytime burglaries in Avon, Rockville areas, 'reverse 911' used to alert citizens

ST. CLOUD -- The Stearns County Sheriff's office used the "Citywatch" reverse 911 system this morning to issue an information alert regarding recent daytime residential burglaries in the cities of Avon and Rockville and in St. Wendel and Avon townships.

According to a news release from Sheriff John Sanner, jewelry, televisions, other electronics and wrapped Christmas presents were taken in the burglaries.

The message that was sent out to citizens was: "Over the past two weeks we have had a couple of daytime burglaries in your area. Homes have been broken into during daylight hours. Items taken have included jewelry, flat screen televisions along with other electronics and Christmas presents. Please keep this in mind and if you see any vehicles that look out of place, or have seen any recently, please call the Stearns County Sheriff's office at 251-4240."

The sheriff advises that the message is meant to raise general awareness of these events and that his office uses the reverse 911 program on occasion to provide general information to the citizens of Stearns County.