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State DVS launches updated website, based on user feedback

ST. PAUL -- The Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services Division has launched an updated website at with a design based on customer feedback gathered since last summer. If you want to renew your license or get Minnesota plates, there are front-page clicks specifically for you. Need information on title transfers? It's one click away -- and find a tax manual or download a driver's manual with equal ease.

In an effort to provide a more intuitive user experience, the new DVS front page showcases the three most popular online services, with two-click access to seven more. Tab renewal, license status and road-test scheduling are the featured choices; the top ten include change of address, reporting a vehicle sale, finding a dealership and more.

"DVS is a service organization," says division Director Pat McCormack, "and a lot of 'how-to' information is required by our customers, as well. So we've highlighted the services our customers use most, made forms and instructions more accessible, and continued to encourage comments on how we're doing. That feedback will shape future adaptations that make it easier for customers to interact with us."

One goal of this update, McCormack says, is quick access to the complex range of services and information housed on the DVS site. With this new launch, a simplified search mechanism makes it possible to hone in on a single, specific topic in three steps or fewer.

Finally, a "Feedback" link at the bottom of each page provides a rating mechanism along with a comment section for detailed explanations that will guide future revisions.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Division serves more than five million drivers, and titles and maintains records on approximately 7.6 million vehicles.