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Descriptions of House District 17A and 17B in west central Minn.

WILLMAR -- The Minnesota legislative districts have changed in west central Minnesota as part of the 2012 special redistricting decision issued today. House District 17A includes all of Swift County and parts of Chippewa, Kandiyohi and Renville counties. District 17B covers the city of Willmar and several other towns and townships in Kandiyohi County.

House District 17A:

Chippewa County

Cities: Clara City, Granite Falls, Maynard, Milan, Montevideo and Watson.

Townships: Big Bend, Crate, Grace, Havelock, Kragero, Leenthrop, Lone Tree, Louriston, Mandt,

Rheiderland, Rosewood, Sparta, Stoneham, Tunsberg and Woods and part of Granite Falls Township.

Kandiyohi County

Cities: Blomkest, Lake Lillian, Prinsburg and Raymond.

Townships: Edwards, Holland, Lake Lillian and Roseland.

Renville County:

Cities: Bird Island, Buffalo Lake, Danube, Fairfax, Hector, Olivia, Renville and Sacred Heart.

Townships: Bandon, Bird Island, Boon Lake, Brookfield, Cairo, Camp, Crooks, Emmet, Ericson, Flora, Hawk Creek, Hector, Henryville, Kingman, Martinsburg, Melville, Norfolk, Osceola, Palmyra, Preston Lake, Sacred Heart, Troy, Wang, Wellington and Winfield.

Swift County

All cities and townships in Swift County are in 17A.

House District 17B:

Kandiyohi County:

Cities: Atwater, Kandiyohi, New London, Pennock, Regal, Spicer, Sunburg and Willmar.

Townships: Arctander, Burbank, Colfax, Dovre, East Lake Lillian, Fahlun, Gennessee, Green Lake, Harrison, Irving, Kandiyohi, Lake Andrew, Lake Elizabeth, Mamre, New London, Norway Lake, Roseville, St. Johns, Whitefield and Willmar.