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Update: Willmar, Minn., utility GM offers to walk if contract severance honored

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The Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission hears today from General Manager Bruce Gomm. (Tribune photo)2 / 2

WILLMAR -- General Manager Bruce Gomm today told the Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission that he would walk away if the panel honors the 12-month severance provision in his contract.

The provision states that Gomm will be paid one year's salary, plus 12 months of medical and life insurance coverage, if he is terminated without cause.

Gomm, on leave since Dec. 12 while potential misconduct was investigated, spoke to the commission today. He was allowed to respond to the investigative report the commissioners heard earlier in the meeting.

The commission is now in a 10-minute recess to consider Gomm's written responses.

This is an update. The earlier story is below.

WILLMAR -- An attorney has told the Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission that the investigative report of General Manager Bruce Gomm provides sufficient cause for terminating his contract.

The attorney, present on behalf on the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, went over the report point by point and concluded just minutes ago by presenting four options to the commission: reinstate Gomm with no further action, reinstate with discipline, dismiss with cause, dismiss without cause and pay up to six months of severance.

The commission Dec. 12 placed Gomm on 30-day paid administrative after holding a closed meeting to give preliminary consideration of possible misconduct.

Gomm's leave has been extended twice.

Gomm is now speaking to the commission. He has been given up to 30 minutes to respond to the report.