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Update: Video of statements at the Willmar MUC meeting Monday

Willmar Municipal Utilities General Manager Bruce Gomm addressed the Commission Monday during consideration of the investigative report of his performance.12 / 12

Here are various videos from the Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission meeting Monday at which the commission approved a resolution calling for the termination with cause for General Manager Bruce Gomm's contract, effective March 28.

The commission also approved a motions to extend Gomm's paid administrative leave another 30 days and to give Gomm a letter of 30-day notice of the termination of his contract.

MUC Video 1: Dave Baker opening comments

MUC Video 2: Bruce Gomm statement

MUC Video 3: Matt Schrupp statement

MUC Video 4: Carol Laumer statement

MUC Video 5: Dan Holtz statement

MUC Video 6: Jerry Gesch statement

MUC Video 7: Doug Lindblad statement

MUC Video 8: Steve Salzer statement

MUC Video 9: Dave Baker statement

MUC Video 10: Termination decisions

MUC Video 11: Meeting closing statement