Weather Forecast


High temps will rewrite the record book this week, no rain through weekend for west central Minn.

WILLMAR -- Record high temperatures will be matched or exceeded this week as the jet stream remains well north, flowing through western North Dakota.

According to the National Weather Service, the large bubble of warm air south of the jet stream also means little or no rainfall is expected through the weekend.

Today's temperatures are expected to range of 60 to 77 degrees. Today's record temps of 64 degrees in both Minneapolis and St. Cloud could very likely be eclipsed. The records show Thursday's highest temp is 69 in Minneapolis and 64 in St. Cloud.

The local forecast for Willmar includes a high near 64 today, with sunshine and north-northwest winds between 7 and 15 mph. The low tonight will be around 37 degrees.

Thursday's high is expected to be near 67, with highs Friday through Tuesday of at least 70 degrees. Lows each night will be in the mid-50s.

There will be a slight change of thunderstorms Sunday and Monday night.