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Township election results

St. John's Township

Duane Hultgren was re-elected as supervisor for a three- year term. It was decided to appoint a Deputy Treasurer and Deputy Clerk.

Residents approved a 2013 levy of $130,000.

Kandiyohi Township

Dan Kleven was re-elected supervisor and Joan Peterson was re-elected clerk. The budget was set at $137,500.

Fahlun Township

Orlo Almlie was re-elected supervisor and Susan Morris was re-elected clerk.

The annual budget remained the same with revenues at $25,000 and the road and bridge fund at $65,000. Pocket gopher bounty remains at $2.

Gennessee Township

George Klose was elected to a three-year term as supervisor, Roger Benson was elected to a two-year term as clerk and Darlene Buer was elected to a one-year term as treasurer. The township levy was set at $90,000.

Lake Lillian Township

Steve Flann was elected as supervisor and Liela Garberich was elected as clerk. The annual township levy was set at $95,000.

Irving Township

Russell Schmidt was elected as supervisor and Donnel Williamson was elected clerk. A total of 15 votes were cast.

The township levy was set at $250,000 with $200,000 for the road and bridge fund, $30,000 for the general fund, and $20,000 for the fire fund.

Norway Lake Township

Richard Sorenson was re-elected Supervisor and Deb Hamborg was re-elected Clerk/Treasurer. A total of 16 votes were cast.

The levy will remain at $60,000 with $14,000 going to the general fund and $46,000 going to the roadand bridge fund.

Green Lake Township

Gregory Erickson was re-elected to a three-year term as supervisor and Kristi Bengtson was re-elected to a two-year term as clerk. Each received 15 votes.

The voters approved applying chloride to all residences within 150 feet of the middle of the road right-of-way and any intersections the board may deem necessary in order to keep the gravel in place to keep the quality of the road area.

The voters approved supporting the Kandiyohi Fire Department with their request for a new Fire Hall.

The voters also recommended an increase to the levy of 13.5 percent to $328,270 and also recommended that $10,000 of the levy be ear-marked and saved for the next few years for the bill that will be coming for the building of the Kandiyohi Fire Hall.

Donation requests were approved as follows: $1,000 to Kandiyohi County Fair, $5,000 to New London-Spicer Community Ed and Rec. and $750 to Let's Go Fishing.

It was also noted that all road right-of-ways must be kept clear of personal property, signs, trees, gardens, crops or anything else. A full nine-foot width will be mowed this year and anything in the way will be destroyed or removed without reimbursement.

Township meeting

The annual Kandiyohi County Township Association will hold its annual meeting today at the Health and Human Service Building in Willmar.

Doors open at 8 a.m. when coffee and rolls will be served and the meeting begins at 8:15 a.m.

Guest Speakers will include Loren Engelby, county ditch inspector; Wes Nelson, executive director USDA Farm Service Agency; Gary Danielson, Kandiyohi County public works director and Steve Renquist, director of the Kandiyohi County and City of Willmar Economic Development Authority.