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Willmar, Minn., alcohol retailers pass compliance check

WILLMAR -- All of the 21 alcohol retailers passed recent alcohol compliance checks conducted by the Willmar Police Department by refusing to sell to an underage individual.

According to Police Chief David Wyffels, the compliance checks were conducted between Feb. 9 and Thursday. The checks are part of a regular program, started in 2001 when the city passed an ordinance escalating the consequences of failing the compliance checks.

The department has also increased its number of server training courses, free to employees of any establishment that provides alcohol, from two to six sessions per year. The next classes are April 10, June 12, Aug. 14 and Oct. 9.

In his news release, Wyffels notes that the police department "takes pride in its efforts to keep our youth safe while working collaboratively with responsible liquor establishments in meeting statutory regulations. We are also proud that all establishments successfully passed the most recent round of checks."

The compliance checks were conducted with funding from the Minnesota Institute of Public Heath through the Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Program of the State Department of Public Safety.