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Minneapolis anti-union fighter to be honored as fallen deputy

MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minneapolis executive who was killed in a 1934 scuffle with union workers has been added to a law enforcement officers' memorial, a decision that doesn't sit well with some labor historians.

C. Arthur Lyman was part of the Citizens Alliance, a group of employers that fought Minneapolis unions for 30 years. When police called for help in controlling a truckers' strike, Lyman signed up as a special deputy.

A Minneapolis Star Tribune report says the 44-year-old got clubbed in the head and died of a fractured skull.

Lisa Kiava of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office says Lyman was a deputy killed in the line of duty, so he deserves the honor.

But labor historian Hy Berman says it wasn't his duty. Berman says Lyman volunteered for ideological reasons.


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