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Urdahl: County Republican board votes 5-1 to keep endorsement

LITCHFIELD -- Rep. Dean Urdahl will keep the endorsement of the Meeker County Republicans.

The county board voted 5-1 Monday evening to not recommend a new endorsement meeting, Urdahl told the Tribune this morning. The leaders met in Litchfield to discuss whether to take back their endorsement of Urdahl after he voted for a new Vikings stadium.

Urdahl said more members of the public spoke in favor of his vote on the stadium than against it. The Grove City Republican has served five terms, since 2002, and is seeking reelection this fall in District 18.

"The board itself was supportive," Urdahl said, adding that his position on the Vikings stadium was not secret, that he'd been working a long time for a viable option for a new stadium.

"I respect their opinion, but the system can't work that way," he said. "You can't base your legislative work out of fear of having your endorsement pulled on each vote."