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West Central Minn. storm reports include damage to houses, barns, power lines, numerous funnel clouds

View of Sunday night storm in Pennock. Photo submitted by Zach Engstrom

WILLMAR -- Damage reports from the National Weather Service and law enforcement from Sunday evening's storm include numerous reports of damage to buildings, trees and power lines.

According to Meeker County Sheriff Jeff Norlin, the majority of storm damage occurred in Acton, Swede Grove, Union Grove, Manannah, Harvey and Litchfield townships in the western and northwestern portion of that county.

The majority of the severe damage was around and north of Grove City, according to Norlin's news release. At least 14 buildings were reported damaged, damage was moderate to severe, and the damage consisted of barns, including six turkey barns, sheds, grain bins and one residence with extensive roof damage. Roughly two dozen power line poles were reported down, State Highway 4 was shut down by MnDOT and the State Patrol from Highway 12 north to 300th Street.

The football bleachers were flipped over onto the field and a dugout was damaged on the baseball field at ACGC High School in Grove City.

The damage also included numerous trees. As of approximately 8 a.m., power remained out to many of the affected areas.

However, no injuries were reported, Norlin noted.

According to the National Weather Service, funnel clouds were reported near Holloway, Dawson, Appleton, Kerkhoven, Priam, Grove Lake and Sacred Heart throughout the evening.

Significant structural damage was reported in Madison, with a large portion of a roof ripped off of a building, a roof blown off of a barn and windows blown out of a house five miles northwest of Atwater, turkey barns damaged and the roof blown off a house eight miles north of Grove City and a tractor-trailer blown over on Highway 212 near Sacred Heart around 10:10 p.m.

Wind speeds of up to 77 mph were recorded, with numerous reports of significant tree damage and hail reports.