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UPDATE: Vote tallies hold, Minnesotans say no to both amendments

ST. PAUL -- As of 7:12 a.m., the vote tallies continued to show that Minnesotans had rejected both the marriage and voter ID amendments.

The unofficial morning numbers from the Secretary of State's office showed that 98.98 percent of ballots, 4,060 of 4,102 total precincts, had been counted.

For the marriage amendment, a total of 1,504,189 voters cast their ballots against the amendment. A total of 1,396,879 voters, an estimated 47.65 percent, voted for the amendment.

While the state is the first to reject a constitutional amendment, the vote does not automatically allow same-sex weddings because a state law remains on the books.

For the voter ID amendment, a total of 1,532,993 of ballots were cast against the amendment. A total of 1,358,932 votes, about 46 percent, were cast for the amendment.

The state vote also went against the trend in other states to approve voter ID.

Both amendments required 50 percent of the ballots cast to amend the state Constitution.