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No decision on Lake Lillian, Minn., mayor

LAKE LILLIAN -- Lake Lillian City Clerk Susan Jungclaus said Thursday that Kenneth Wittman has not decided whether he will accept or decline the job as the town's mayor.

Wittman, one of four council members, was elected mayor and was the top vote-getter with 13 write-in votes.

Wittman had not sought the office. Jungclaus said she talked to Wittman on Wednesday and he said he was going to think about it for a while.

Jungclaus thinks there won't be a decision until at least the next council meeting Nov. 13 when members will canvass the general election results. Jungclaus said she does not think Wittman must make a decision by a certain date.

The council cannot do much until the first of the year because if Wittman decides to decline at the first meeting in January, then council members make a motion that there is an opening and appoint one of the four members to serve as mayor, Jungclaus said.