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Meeker County, Minn., Sheriff's Office now on Facebook, Twitter

LITCHFIELD -- The Meeker County Sheriff's Office has launched both a Facebook page and Twitter feed in an effort to better connect with the county's citizens.

"Businesses of all kinds have found social media to be a very effective way of reaching potential or existing customers," said Meeker County Sheriff Jeff Norlin, in a news release. "It is a fantastic way to provide important information to the public, and to do so very rapidly and at virtually no cost."

Norlin said that he intends to provide a wide variety of information on his office's Facebook page, ranging from crime prevention and safety tips to department news to crime alerts. "If we have a missing child we can provide that information to the public instantly. This will be an incredible public safety tool," said Norlin.

The Facebook page currently contains information about the office's increased DWI patrols throughout the holiday season, as well as tips for how to avoid being caught in common Christmastime scams. There is also information about the latest addition to the Sheriff's Office fleet of patrol vehicles, a retro-styled squad car that is a tribute to the deputies of the past.

The information contained on the Facebook page will also be available via Twitter.

The Meeker County Sheriff's Office can be found on Twitter under the user name of @MeekerCoSheriff, and on Facebook at