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Area school board races decided

Contested races in seven area school districts were decided on Tuesday.


The BBE School District elected four school board members, including one new member, and voted out an incumbent.

The votes were 1,046 for incumbent Scott Voss, 880 for Pat Thieschafer, 862 for incumbent Paul Gregory and 697 for incumbent Brian Knight; while Nichole Szczesniak received 667 votes and incumbent Ginny Borgerding received 633 votes.


Three members were elected to the BOLD School Board: Brian J. Boen with 1,563 votes; Jill Hanson, 1,469 votes; and incumbent Russ Lesniak, 1,083.

Brian Stenholm received 723 votes and Bob Cline received 558.

In balloting for a separate seat, Traci Buchtel defeated Roger Ridler, 1,366 to 688 votes.


A six-way contest for four positions on the Dawson-Boyd School Board was decided in favor of all the incumbents: Daniel Lee, 901 votes; Dean Solem, 824; Ann Jenson, 806; and Jon Wager, 781.

Challengers Chris Schacherer received 472 votes and Brandie Manee received 205 votes.


Jason Boike, the incumbent in District 2, was unseated by challenger Tate Mueller, 79 to 202.

In District 4, Lane Schwitters, the current chair of the board, kept his seat, defeating Jill M. Ulferts 132 to 84.

Debi Brandt was unopposed in District 5 and received 271 votes. Eleven votes went to write-in candidates.

New London-Spicer

Three incumbents and one newcomer were elected to the New London-Spicer School Board. The incumbents topped the voting with Robert C. Moller receiving 2,740 votes, followed by Holli Cogelow-Ruter with 2,576 and Daniel L. DeGeest with 2,575 votes. Cherrish Holland also was newly elected to the board with 2,271 votes.

Incumbent Helena Lungstrom lost her seat, receiving 2,226 votes.


The Paynesville Area School District elected four school board members Tuesday, choosing two incumbents and two new members.

Just four votes separated the top two winners. Heidi Riley captured 1,574 votes, followed closely by incumbent Mark Dingmann with 1,570. Randy Kern was third with 1,490 and incumbent Lew W. Storkamp received 1,349 votes.

Debora Glenz, the current vice chair, trailed with 1,277 votes to lose her seat on the board.

Yellow Medicine East

The Yellow Medicine East School Board elected three members on Tuesday.

Two current members, Dawn Odegard with 1,824 votes and Steve Rupp with 1,707 votes, were re-elected, along with new member Sharon Rupp, who had 1,387 votes.

A fourth candidate, Shelly Weir, received 1,141 votes. She had recently resigned from the school board to accept a job in the district, but not before she had filed for election and her name was still on the ballot.

Uncontested races

Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City

Megan Morrison, 1,549

Paul Rasmussen, 1,490

Michael Hendrickson, 1,413

Scott Stafford, 1,604


Andy Abner, 2,141

Jason Madden, 1,548

Chad Payne, 1,787

Jodi Dejong-Hughes, 1,702


Tim Schaefer, 345

Rodney Peterson, 374

Brett Duncan, 394


Tom Walsh, 974

Philip Hauge, 991

Harmon R. Wilts, 896

Lac qui Parle Valley

District 1: Scott Conn, 278

District 2: Richard Adams, 134 (write-in)

District 5: Cory Thorsland, 423


Greg Mathews, 3,223

Marlin Schutte, 2,827

Darrin Anderson, 2,860

Minnewaska Area

Dion Harste, 2,654

Sadie Schlief, 2,818

Chad M. Christianson, 2,723


Joe Helgeson, 1,885

Andrew Stenson, 1,970

Steve Kubista, 1,880

Morris Area

Mike Odello, 2,122

Douglas Stahman, 2,107

Nancy Huot, 1,069

Lisa Kurtz, 1,514

Renville County West

Eric Dahlager, 1,128

Wendie Discher, 1,079

Darin Bratsch, 1,122