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Thieves take $4,000 of copper wire near Forest City in Meeker Co. Minn.

FOREST CITY — Thieves stripped approximately 1,700 feet of copper wire off of an irrigation system, taking approximately $4,000 of wire from the rural Forest City property over the weekend.

According to the Meeker County Sheriff’s office, the theft was reported around 10 a.m. Monday in a field south of State Highway 24 near 650th Avenue in Forest City Township.

The property owner had recently replaced his irrigation system and had 10 sections of the old irrigator in a field. The theft happened over the weekend, between Saturday and Monday.

Approximately 850 feet of one-half inch diameter copper wire, which contained ten individual copper wires inside of 10-gauge wire, and 850 feet of electrical 12-2 wire was taken off of the irrigation system. The approximate value of wire taken was $4,000.

Sheriff Jeff Norlin advises everyone to continue to call the Sheriff's Office or your local police department if you see suspicious persons or vehicles, especially in areas where theft of copper, or scrap items may be. This includes areas where new construction may be occurring as well, power lines, pole replacement, or trenching operations may be occurring. Norlin also adds that calling 911 in these situations is an appropriate use of the 911 system.