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Farms struck with avian flu begin to restock

SAINT PAUL — Nearly one-fourth of the farms struck by the highly pathogenic avian influenza now have agreements in place to restock, according to the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.

It reported Thursday that 25 farms have restocking agreements in place. They include two farms in Kandiyohi County, seven in Stearns, five in Meeker and one in Lac qui Parle.

There have been no new infected flocks in Minnesota since June 5, the board reported Thursday.

The first flock to be identified with H5N2 in Stearns County was released from quarantine Wednesday. Before a farm can be released from quarantine, the owner must sign a restocking agreement and restock the barns, and undertake three rounds of surveillance testing on the bird.

The virus infected flocks on 108 farms in 23 counties since the outbreak began in early March. The board reported that there are currently 141 state and federal employees continuing to work on the response.

At this point, all affected flocks have been euthanized. The carcass disposal process has been completed on 101 farms and cleaning and disinfection work completed on 46.