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5 charged for holding pregnant Minnesota woman at gunpoint who they thought was meth dealer

BEMIDJI, Minn. -- Three Bemidji men and two Bemidji women were charged with felonies Tuesday after allegedly holding a pregnant woman -- who they thought was their meth dealer -- at gunpoint.

Julian Wayne Jones, 26; Ned Samuel Green, 23; Samantha Brook Gourley, 23; Jerald Downwind, 23 and Angel Renee Smith, 28, were arrested during a traffic stop Monday after law enforcement received a report of an armed robbery.

According to a criminal complaint, the five had all been using meth at Green’s house, when Jones and Downwind left to buy more drugs. The two later returned to Green’s house and said the dealer had taken $170 from them but not delivered the meth.

The group got into a van, with Gourley driving, to find the dealer, who they thought was driving a black Jeep. As they were driving, the complaint said, they noticed a black Jeep pull into a residence near Bemidji. Gourley allegedly stopped the van and Green, Jones, Downwind and Smith got out and approached the Jeep. Jones pointed a black “pistol BB/pellet” gun at the Jeep, the complaint says, while the group demanded money from the driver, but it was not the meth dealer. When speaking with the victim, law enforcement found that she was at the address in order to take her mother to work.

Jones, who is no longer listed as an inmate at the Beltrami County Jail, was charged with attempted first-degree aggravated robbery. Green, Gourley, Downwind and Smith, who are all still listed as inmates, were charged with aiding and abetting attempted first-degree aggravated robbery.