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Man dies at Backstreet Auto in Montevideo

MONTEVIDEO — A Montevideo man died Friday afternoon at a Montevideo auto shop after he became pinned between a pickup and a tool chest.

Richard Fultz, 55, was pronounced dead at the scene due to injuries he suffered in the accident at Backstreet Auto at 120 W. Canyon Ave. in Montevideo, according to Capt. Ken Schule of the Montevideo Police Department.

Schule said Fultz was assisting Backstreet Auto owner Sidney Winters with the brakes on a pickup truck. According to statements from the scene, Winters drove the truck on a lift as Fultz helped direct him. Winters told law enforcement that he pushed the brake down to the floor with his toes, but accidently hit the gas pedal with the heel of his foot.

The truck rolled over the safety bump at the end of the lift and hit Fultz, pinning him between the truck and a tool chest that was up against a brick wall.

"There was no give," Schule said Monday.

Schule said Fultz was a good friend of Winters and would help him by working occasionally at the auto shop.

The incident is being investigated as a tragic accident.

"At this point there is nothing" pointing to this to being anything but an accident, Schule said.

The investigation will not conclude until the autopsy report from the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office of Anoka County is completed, Schule said. The Medical Examiner's Office was notified due to the circumstances of the accident, as is normal policy, Schule said.

Authorities were first called around 4:45 p.m. Friday. Montevideo police, the Montevideo Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services responded, as well as the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office.