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This is the records summary for Jan. 30.


WILLMAR — A 28-year-old man was arrested on charges of domestic assault around 9 p.m. Monday along Gay Street Southeast.

Property damage

WILLMAR — Damage to a garbage container was reported around 5:15 a.m. Tuesday along the 1000 block of First Street South.


WILLMAR — A burglary was reported around 12:50 p.m. Tuesday along the 300 block of 11th Street Northwest.

District Court

Kandiyohi County

- Cristian Arrellano Vergara, 19, of Willmar, was sentenced Monday to 100 days in jail, a $2,000 fine and 20 years of probation on a third-degree drug sale charge for arranging the sale of methamphetamine and marijuana to a CEE-VI Drug Task Force informant on Aug. 9 at a Willmar apartment.

He was also ordered to follow the recommendations of a chemical use assessment, not use or possess drugs or alcohol and remain law-abiding.

As part of a plea agreement, the charge was reduced from second-degree level and another felony for fifth-degree drug sale was dismissed.

The charges were filed after a controlled buy was set up for 3.5 grams of meth and an ounce of marijuana at the Willow Run apartments in southwest Willmar.

The informant met a man, identified as Vergara, outside of the apartment complex and then both men went inside a building. The informant told agents that Vergara told him to wait in the hallway while he went to get the drugs from his supplier, who did not want the informant to know who he was. The informant gave Vergara $450 to purchase the drugs.

Other agents who were monitoring the buy saw Vergara exit another door of the building and run into a parking lot. He was caught and arrested and admitted he set up the buy to steal money.

- Mauro Berga Lopez-Rasmussen, 19, of Willmar, was sentenced Monday to 63 days in jail, a total of $2,000 in fines and five years of probation on felony charges of fifth-degree drug sale, for his role in selling one-quarter pound of marijuana to an informant last January, and third-degree assault, for assaulting a man during a large fight in November at Regency Estates West.

As part of a plea agreement, two additional felony charges of assault and riot, plus a misdemeanor for possession of brass knuckles, were dismissed.

 The fifth-degree drug sale charge was filed after Jan. 24, 2012, when a CEE-VI Drug Task Force informant purchased the 110 grams of marijuana from Lopez-Rasmussen and three others.

Sergio Balladares Jr., 20, of Willmar, was sentenced Jan. 9 to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine and five years of probation on a fifth-degree drug sale charge. Tamara Dawn Mendoza, 22, of Willmar, is scheduled for a jury trial on Feb. 12. Lauralee Mary Evans, 22, of Willmar, was sentenced Nov. 27 to 30 days in the county jail, five years of probation and 200 hours of community work service on a fifth-degree drug sale charge.

According to the complaints, the informant arranged to purchase the marijuana for $350 in a parking lot along U.S. Highway 12 in Willmar. The informant and a CEEVI agent met the pair in the parking lot and then another vehicle came to the lot. The second vehicle, later stopped by Willmar police, was driven by Mendoza, who with Lopez-Rasmussen subsequently met the informant in another parking lot to complete the sale. The informant turned over the marijuana, in a fast-food bag, to agents.

 The assault charge was filed after Nov. 29, when Willmar police received multiple calls to the 400 block of 30th Street Northwest regarding a fight involving about 20 people. A witness reported the people involved in the fight were leaving in a maroon sport utility vehicle. The vehicle was stopped nearby. Lopez-Rasmussen was one of four men in the vehicle and was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Officers located brass knuckles and a drug-smoking pipe under a seat in the vehicle.

The victim of the assault reported there was an argument and that people wanted to fight. He said he was struck one or two times in the head and then blacked out. When he regained consciousness, the people who fought with him were gone.

A person also provided video of the fight to the police, who examined the clip and identified Lopez-Rasmussen, wearing dark clothing and a blue bandana, as the person fighting with the victim.

- Jeramiah Mark Sommers, 20, of New London, pleaded guilty Monday to a charge of fifth-degree drug sale for selling marijuana to a CEE-VI Drug Task Force informant.

He will be sentenced March 6.

Sommers and Nevin Joseph Rogalski, 21, of New London, were both charged in the case. Rogalski pleaded guilty to an amended charge of aiding and abetting on Jan. 22 and will be sentenced Feb. 21.

According to the complaint, the informant arranged to purchase 4.4 grams of marijuana for $60 from Rogalski on June 13, 2012, in the parking lot of the county office building in downtown Willmar. The informant told agents that Sommers handed him the marijuana and took the money, while Rogalski was inside the county building.

- Christopher Peter Padin, 16, of Willmar, pleaded not guilty Monday to a felony charge of third-degree assault for allegedly assaulting another student on Dec. 3 at Willmar Senior High School.

His next appearance is Feb. 25.

According to the petition, a 16-year-old student reported to the school resource officer that Padin had hit him in the face multiple times while they were in the commons area of the school. The teen had two chipped teeth and one of the teeth was very loose.

Padin was interviewed and allegedly admitted to hitting the other teen because the teen had made sexual comments about a girl. Another student also video-recorded the incident on a cellphone.