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Willmar man shoots self, makes up story, in county jail for assault

WILLMAR — A 27-year-old Willmar man was treated and released at Rice Memorial Hospital for a gunshot wound to the leg and is in the county jail on assault and weapons charges.

According to a news release from Willmar Police Capt. Jim Felt, officers were dispatched to the hospital just before 3 a.m. today for a person with a gunshot wound.

At the hospital, Daniel Esquivel Torres said he’d had been involved in an altercation with unknown people in south Willmar that included being shot.

The investigation revealed that the Torres had physically assaulted an acquaintance and held a handgun to the person’s head earlier in the evening.

Based on further investigation and evidence, the police department believes that Torres assaulted the acquaintance and then accidentally shot himself in the leg while placing a handgun in his pocket. He then fabricated the story about being a victim of an assault when he sought treatment at the hospital.

Pending charges include felony counts of second-degree assault, felon in possession of a firearm and reckless discharge of a firearm, plus a gross misdemeanor charge of fifth-degree assault.