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Letter: A vote for high-quality schools

Everyone hears about how schools have to cut back, but what does that really mean? As you make your decision on the Willmar School District levy questions, the junior high school staff would like to share a few facts.

The junior high is proud of the programs we are able to offer our seventh and eighth grade students. Students are part of a team approach to learning that enables classes to coordinate curriculum and create a smaller school-within-a-school approach to learning.

Students have opportunities to participate in choir, band, orchestra, art, and technology classes as well as physical education every other day. We are able to offer both advanced and remedial educational opportunities. The junior high has fall, winter, and spring extra-curricular activities for both girls and boys. These are opportunities for our community's children to learn and grow in safe, healthy ways by participating in arts, academics and athletics.

Voting yes twice is not about creating an excess for school luxuries, it is about maintaining a high-quality school system that will not only create a healthy community for families to raise their children, but also prepare our students for success in today's global economy.