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Tips for helping children get ready for school

Willmar special education teacher Joel Justin compiled this list of tips for parents to help their children make the transition back into the school year. While he wrote the list with special needs children in mind, parents of all children are likely to find some of the recommendations useful.

Work with your child's teachers:

- Bring your child to meet new teachers.

- Find the best way to communicate. You will have more information about your child than anyone else.

- Work on the same goals at home and at school.

- Discuss your child's individual needs with the classroom teacher.

- Should assignments be modified?

Preparing your child to learn:

- Make sure that your child is well-rested.

- Tour the school.

- Meet key personnel.

- Locate lockers, practice combination.

- Work out drop-off and pick-up procedures.

- Develop organizational tools and checklists.