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Facts about the levy proposed by Willmar, Minn., Schools

* More than 92 percent of Minnesota schools have operating levies which are used to pay for core academic programs. Almost one-third of the state's districts have a levy vote this fall.

* Willmar's levy proposal does not increase taxes. The $498.49-per-pupil levy would be a continuation of a $498.49 levy that expires at the end of the year.

* The levy would last for nine years.

* Agricultural land pays the levy on the value of the house, garage and one acre of land.

* Seasonal recreational property does not pay operating levies.

* The money will be used to maintain programs already in existence. Those programs could include all-day, everyday kindergarten, Advanced Placement classes at the Senior High, middle school activities, and fine arts classes, including the staging of musicals.

* The state will pay nearly 33 percent of the total levy through an equalization aid program.

* If the levy is not approved by the voters, budget cuts of about $3.1 million may be needed.

Source: Willmar Public Schools