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West central Minn. school districts fill their slates with candidates

WILLMAR -- Most area school board races now have enough candidates to fill all the seats that are open.

That wasn't the case on Monday, when several districts including Willmar had fewer candidates than open seats in the general election. Filing closed at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

School board candidates will be listed on the Nov. 6 general election ballot that includes all levels of elected office, from president of the United States to local school and city races.

The following list includes candidates who filed in most west central Minnesota school districts.

Officials at the Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg district could not be reached on Wednesday. As of Monday afternoon, they had three candidates who had filed for four seats on the board: Steve Collins (I), Murdock; Pam Mansfield, Kerkhoven; Amber Doering, Kerkhoven.

Candidates have until 5 p.m. today to withdraw from their race and avoid having their names printed on the Nov. 6 election ballot.

Incumbents are noted with (I).


Four seats open

Candidates: Mike Reynolds (I), Willmar; Jackie Saulsbury, Willmar; Don Thorpe, Kandiyohi; Sahra Gure, Willmar; Liz VanDerBill, Willmar; Mike Carlson, Willmar


Three seats open

Candidates: Jeanna Lilleberg (I), Atwater; Joel Gratz (I), Atwater; Sarah Blom, Atwater; Michelle Randt, Cosmos; Dale Martin, Cosmos


Three seats open

Candidates: Sue Woolcott (I), Belgrade; Kimberly Trustheim, Brooten; Danny Wold (I), Belgrade; Paul Weller (I), Brooten


Four seats open

Candidates: Jeff Guest (I), rural Benson; Bill McGeary (I), Benson; Alan Pagel (I), rural Benson; Gary Williams, rural Clontarf


Three seats open

Candidates: John Desotell (I), Bird Island; Jeff Benson (I), Olivia; Alan Haney (I), Olivia; Brenda Rouse, Olivia


Three seats open

Candidates: Stacey Helstrom (I), Litchfield; Marcia Provencher, Litchfield; David Huhner, Litchfield; Darrin Anderson, Litchfield


Three seats open

District 1: David Van Klompenburg, Clara City; Scott Ruiter, Clara City; David Wolf, Clara City

District 3: Carol Thompton (I), Clara City

District 6: Tim Smith (I), Raymond

Minnewaska Area

Four seats open

Candidates: Bob Mork (I), Lowry; Jeff Holtberg, Glenwood; Randy Kinney; Lonnie Hoffman (I); Jim Peters (I)


Three seats open

Candidates: Darin Balken (I), Montevideo; Maggie Kluver (I), Montevideo; Alan Van Ravenswaay, Montevideo

New London-Spicer

Three seats open

Candidates: Renee Nolting (I), Spicer; David Kilpatrick (I), Spicer; Naomi Johnson, New London

Renville County West

Four seats open

Candidates: Carnie Allex, Danube; Mark Molenaar (I), Renville; Ann Johnson (I), Renville; Heather McLagan, Renville


Four seats open

Candidates: Grant Velde (I), Granite Falls; Steve Zumhofe (I), Granite Falls; Jane Hagert (I), Granite Falls; Tim Opdahl (I), Granite Falls; Mark Hoeper, Granite Falls