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Minnesota college to offer live streamed courses

This fall, Central Lakes College will be debuting Live Online, which allows students to live stream class from any location, while interacting in real time with their instructor and classmates.

Students can also replay a recording of a class session at any time later. Live Online is a step forward in how CLC delivers classes, said Martha Kuehn, dean of liberal arts.

"It combines the best of online and face-to-face classes," she said in a news release.

With classes being recorded for later viewing, students can catch a missed class, review a lecture, or view the class at a more convenient time. This method of education allows more flexibility as students balance jobs and family with their courses. Students can tune into class while on break at work, or high school students may take a college class without leaving their high school campus.

"The real time communication is a big plus for Live Online," Kuehn said. "Students can ask questions and get answers immediately and also listen in on their classmates' questions, answers and discussions."

All that's needed to attend class is a computer, mobile device or tablet with a webcam and a microphone and an internet connection.

"We hope that this new class delivery method will enrich our course offerings and allow more students to attend class and be successful at CLC," Kuehn said.