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Willmar, Minn., kindergarteners have list of things to learn this summer

WILLMAR -- Teachers in Willmar have developed a list of activities for children about to enter kindergarten.

At the Kennedy Elementary School kindergarten roundup this spring, families received a packet of information for families with future kindergarteners.

The packets include pages of flash cards to cut apart and use with young children learning their letters and numbers.

State education officials estimate that as many as half of all kindergarteners are not ready for school.

The packet includes a list of things teachers want a child to be able to do when entering kindergarten:

- Read a book and talk about it.

- Find five things that are blue.

- Have someone help you cut out the number cards and practice saying the numbers.

- Practice singing the alphabet.

- Practice buttoning a shirt and zipping a zipper.

- Practice saying your first and last name.

- Practice counting to 20.

- Use the alphabet chart and say each letter as you point to it.

- Find and count all of the squares in your house.

- Sort your toys by color.

- Find and count all of the circles in your house.

- Find five things that are green.

- Practice writing your first name.

- Say three things that rhyme with cat.

- Practice writing your name with different colored crayons.

- Practice cutting with a scissors.

- Practice writing letters from the alphabet chart with a pencil.

- Find five things that are red.

- Sort your toys by big and little.

- Say three things that rhyme with pig.

- Write your first name, cut it apart, put it back together.

- Practice counting to 30.

- Find and count all of the triangles in your house.

- Practice tying your shoes.

Linda Vanderwerf

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