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She nearly died after surgery, but this Minn. 22-year-old continues to battle a rare form of cancer

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FARGO—A young Breckenridge woman, who is in the prime of her life, now finds herself fighting for it.

Twenty-two-year-old Victoria Grenier can leave an impression on just about anyone.

"Once you know her, she's very addictive," Tina Grenier, Victoria's mother said.

"Yeah she imprints," Mikel Olson, Victoria's father, said.

Her family describes her as compassionate and full of life, but just last month everyone's life took an unexpected turn.

A week of stomach aches turned into severe stomach pains that brought Victoria and her family to the emergency room on May 2, and they've been in the hospital ever since.

"A lot occurred between, we went in with a healthy 22-year-old, and now have found out quite a bit more since then," Tina Grenier said.

Medullary Carcinoma, a rare form of cancer was found in a tumor inside Victoria's colon. It's something the doctors at Essentia Health had never seen, especially on someone so young.

"I told her she's my hero, she really is," Tina Grenier said.

A surgery to remove the tumor immediately followed, but the battle had only begun.

"What would have been a simple surgery, stitching the first, will now have to be a large open wound for two months," Tina Grenier said.

Victoria nearly died when the infection took over, ammonia flooding her body.

She is now on the road to recovery, but can barely move or breathe on her own.

"I think that's the toughest part, being a parents and seeing them hurt. It is the toughest part," Tina Grenier said.

An outpouring of support for Victoria is taking place on social media, including a GoFundMe account for the family's rising medical expenses.

"You know I look at her, and her response to it and what is shows of her as a person, and as a family going through it. It's definitely one of our lifetime defining moments," Tina said.

A moment the family hopes they can look back on someday as a mere memory.

If you are interested in donating to the GoFundMe page, click here.