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Dawson honors Vietnam veterans

DAWSON -- Veterans of the Vietnam War will be honored Saturday with a special event at the Dawson Veterans of Foreign Wars club.

The veterans and their guests will be served a free steak meal preceded by a program to thank them for their service. The short program will include a medley of popular songs from 1955 through 1972 as performed by Dawson-Boyd High School students. The students will be seated amongst the veterans as well for the evening's meal and program.

John Dove, VFW manager, calls it a "welcome home, 40 years late.'' Dove said he thought about doing something last year to thank the veterans, but waited until he could toss the idea out to Vietnam veterans for their reaction. It was received well, and he decided to go ahead with it.

"I'm more nervous about this than my wedding, and that was 30 years ago,'' he said. "It's just something that I felt really strong about.''

Dove said most of the Vietnam veterans never received a "welcome home'' 40 years ago, and some were subjected to criticism.

As of Thursday, some 30 Vietnam veterans from around the Dawson area had indicated they would attend.