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Friday morning storm damage Willmar, Minn.-area co-op's headquarters, some power outages

WILLMAR -- The power outages in Willmar from Friday morning's storm were limited, but the local cooperative had some customers without power and some structural damage at the headquarters as well.

The storm did not cause any major power disruption in Willmar because much of the city's power lines are underground. Municipal Utilities General Manager Wesley Hompe said only two customers near Lakeland Drive lost power.

"As far as we're going, we're OK,'' said Hompe.

The situation was different for a number of customer-members in the northern part of Kandiyohi County served by Kandiyohi Power Cooperative.

David George, co-op CEO, said some customers remained without power by noon Friday but crews were working to restore power.

The outages were caused mainly by high wind and tree limbs falling on power lines and some lightning.

"We do a pretty good job of keeping our right-of-ways trimmed back. But when you get 50-60 mph winds, branches are coming off and they go for a long ways and they get tangled up in the power lines,'' said George.

The co-op's headquarters on Highway 23 south of Spicer also sustained damage. An overhead garage door on the west side of the warehouse building was blown in and collapsed. High wind also blew over two air handling units on the roof between the garage and the warehouse and damaged the roof membrane. As a result, water entered the garage and warehouse.

"We're in the process of doing temporary fixes to all of that until we get permanent repairs done,'' George said. He was waiting to discuss the damage estimate with an insurance adjuster.

George said a temporary door has been installed, the air handling equipment was being reinstalled and the roof was temporarily patched. George said there did not appear to be lot of damage done to equipment by the water.

David Little
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