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Revisions to MPCA water management plan are open for public comment

ST. PAUL — A public comment period has opened for proposed changes to the Minnesota Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has announced.

Comments opened Monday and will be accepted through Sept. 17

According to a news release from the MPCA, the plan contains strategies that help protect and improve the quality of Minnesota’s water resources by identifying activities to reduce nonpoint sources of water pollution, such as runoff from agricultural lands and unregulated urban areas.

The MPCA is implementing a four-year, phased approach for revisions to the 2008 Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan. The following are highlights from the phase currently open for public comment:

- Watershed planning and management framework,

- Overall strategy for each water resource,

- Monitoring,

- Nine key elements of a successful nonpoint source management program, and

- Needs, priorities and milestones, and action plan tables for several areas.

Updating the plan every five years is a requirement for Minnesota to remain eligible to receive federal Clean Water Act funds.

For more information and copies of these documents, visit the MPCA’s Nonpoint Source Management Plan webpage (

All comments must be received in writing at the MPCA’s St. Paul office by close of business on Sept. 17. Comments should be sent to Denise Leezer, MPCA, 520 Lafayette Rd. N., Saint Paul MN 55155-4194 or to Questions may be directed to Leezer at 651-757-2523.