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Woman faces drug charge, allegedly took nursing home drugs

WILLMAR — Kelly Christine Silas, 36, of Topeka, Kan., made her first court appearance Wednesday on a second-degree drug sale charge for allegedly possessing pain medications and other controlled substances found in her nursing home office by state officials.

Silas was released on her personal recognizance. Her next appearance is Nov. 21 in Kandiyohi County District Court.

According to the complaint, Willmar Care Center and Deseret Health Group officials informed the Willmar Police Department on Nov. 29 of the theft of narcotics by Silas, the former director of nursing services at the local facility.

Officials from the state Department of Health had conducted the semi-annual state survey, which includes a review of how the care facility is meeting state and federal regulations on drug safety and administration.

Officials had found Fentanyl transdermal patches in Silas’ desk drawer, in mostly empty boxes of the Schedule II pain medication. Silas had allegedly admitted to the administrator of the nursing home that she had taken the patches. Records showed that four of the 38 patches that should have been in the boxes were actually accounted for.

A search of Silas’ office revealed other medications and packaging for medications, including patches, tablets and oral solutions, in an end table and in the trash basket under the desk. A review of the facility’s records showed that the medications were documented to specific patients, but were found in the office.

The medications included liquid morphine, anti-anxiety medication, sleeping pills, pain relievers and the Fentanyl patches, for a total of between 154 and 194 doses of medication.

Gretchen Schlosser

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