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Bail set at $20K for Willmar man charged with felony for stalking

WILLMAR — Terry Dean Johnson, 65, of Willmar, made his first court appearance Monday on a felony charge of pattern of stalking conduct for allegedly harassing a neighbor on Henderson Lake.

Johnson is accused of trespassing on the man’s property, shining bright lights into his windows, blaring his radio at night and facing offensive signs toward the man’s property. Unconditional bail was set at $20,000.

His next appearance is Oct. 28.

According to a complaint filed in September, the neighbor was granted a harassment restraining order in July 2012 prohibiting Johnson from harassing him and having communication or contact with him. The complaint also notes that the man has posted numerous “no trespassing” signs on his property and that law enforcement offenders have told Johnson numerous times to stay off the man’s property.

The complaint also notes that Johnson pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for property damage in 2009, for damaging security cameras on the man’s property along U.S. Highway 71.

The complaint against Johnson references 18 reports taken by Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s deputies between January 2012 and August of this year, including reports that Johnson disabled the man’s security cameras with a laser pointer, pointed spotlights, screeching devices and strobe lights at the man’s home, threw cigarette butts and rocks onto his lawn and let his dogs defecate on the man’s lawn.

The allegations also include that Johnson placed swim buoys on the lake so the man could not reach his own boat lift and that Johnson placed signs outside the man’s property that were anti-gay marriage and contained derogatory statements toward homosexuals.

The neighbor provided video footage that showed Johnson climbing over the man’s fence and peering into the windows of the home.

The man also told investigators that Johnson made lewd and threatening statements about meeting him in a dark alley and homosexual acts. He said Johnson has made obscene gestures toward him.

Gretchen Schlosser

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