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This is the records summary for Oct. 16.

Burglary under investigation

WILLMAR — Willmar Police are investigating a burglary reported around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday along the 1200 block of 24th Street Northwest. Two residents of an apartment reported that three men, dressed in camouflage and black, kicked in their door, entered their residence and took a laptop computer. The incident happened around 11 p.m.

Anyone with information is asked to report it to the police department by calling 320-235-2244.

District Court

Kandiyohi County

- Abass Warsame Mumin, 23, of Willmar, was sentenced Tuesday to 15 months in prison, which was stayed, five years of probation, 50 days in jail and a total of $1,000 in fines on two felony charges of financial card transaction fraud.

He was given credit for 50 days already served in custody and ordered to pay $1,181 in restitution, plus follow the recommendations of a chemical use assessment.

Mumin was also sentenced to 365 days in jail, with 275 days stayed and 90 to serve, with credit for 52 days already served, a $3,000 fine, with $2,500 stayed, and two years of probation on a gross misdemeanor charge of fifth-degree assault.

 As part of a plea agreement, two additional counts of financial card transaction fraud and a first-degree witness tampering charge were dismissed.

 One of the sets of financial card transaction fraud was filed after a woman reported to Willmar police on July 21 that she had forgotten her debit card at a local gas station and that when she went back to the store, video footage showed a man, identified as Mowalid Muse Hirsi, 28, of Willmar, taking the card. There were multiple fraudulent charges on the card.

Hirsi pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanor charge of financial card fraud and will be sentenced Oct. 31. A felony charge against Francisco Fredrick Galvan, 32, of Willmar, was previously dismissed as part of a plea agreement in a drug sale case.

Video footage at several local businesses showed Hirsi and Mumin using the card to make $1,100 in purchases. Two people reported that Hirsi and Mumin had offered them liquor to drive them around to the stores. Information was later sent to the police department that Galvan had used the card to make an online purchase of a cell phone, which was delivered to an address where he had been living.

The other set of financial transaction card fraud charges was filed after Aug. 13, when a man reported to Willmar Police that he’d inadvertently left his wallet in a vehicle. The man said two Somali men, identified by their nicknames and Mumin and Hirsi, had driven him to a gas station to buy cigarettes. The man was later informed by his bank that his account was overdrawn and $331.92 in charges had been made on his debit card.

Video footage from a location where the card was used showed Mumin making a purchase. Mumin, nickname of “M60”, was arrested on another charge the next day and his clothing stored at the jail included the same items he was wearing in the video footage.

Hirsi was interviewed and said he gave the man a ride and agreed that his nickname is “Biggie” or “Moe.”

The assault and witness tampering charges were filed after July 16, when Willmar police officers were called to an assault in the downtown area. A man reported that he’d been assaulted by a group of people, including that Hirsi had held him as Mumin hit him in retaliation for the man talking with law enforcement about a theft incident.

 - Dion Hernandez, 20, of Willmar, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a gross misdemeanor count of carrying a gun in a public place.

As part of a plea agreement, a felony charge of second-degree assault will be dismissed. He will be sentenced Nov. 20.

 Hernandez and Michael Gaylen Garcia, 16, of Willmar, are charged in the case. Garcia, who also faces a misdemeanor charge of careless driving, is scheduled to make his next appearance Jan. 13. Felony charges against 16- and 17-year-old juveniles are public record.

According to the court files, Willmar police were called around 4 p.m. July 24 to the intersection of 13th Street and Becker Avenue Southwest to investigate the incident. Witnesses had reported a description of the vehicle involved and then told the officers that the five individuals who were in the car were walking down 11th Street.

The officers located the five men and Garcia told them that they’d had a friendly chat with the people at the 13th Street/Becker Avenue location. He said there was a 12-gauge shotgun in the car and that he used it for hunting. He allegedly told officers that Hernandez had gotten the gun out, but held it low and denied pulling the weapon on anyone.

Hernandez said there was a verbal confrontation over destroyed property, but denied having a shotgun.

The man who had been assaulted reported that a car had driven up quickly and that the driver, Garcia, and Hernandez got out of the vehicle, with Hernandez leveling the gun at his chest with the muzzle about two feet away from his body. The man said that both Hernandez and Garcia were yelling and screaming at him.

Several witnesses had observed the altercation and got the license plate and vehicle and personal description of the men. The registered owner of the car allowed police to search the car, where they located a Winchester 12-gauge shotgun in an unzipped case.