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Farmers take in 25 percent of corn in a week

WILLMAR — Minnesota’s farmers harvested 25 percent of the corn crop last week, pushing the total percentage of the crop harvested to 73 percent.

According to the weekly U.S. Department of Agriculture crop/weather report, there were five days suitable for fieldwork last week, which pushed the corn harvest ahead of the 72 percent five-year average.

The soybean harvest also pushed beyond the five-year average, with 96 percent of the soybeans harvested as of Sunday, compared to a 92 percent average. Five percent of the soybeans were harvested during the week.

Ninety nine percent of the sugar beets had been lifted, four points better than the five-year average of 95 percent. Fifteen percent of the crop was lifted during the week.

Nationally, the USDA reports that 73 percent of the corn crop has been taken in by farmers in the 18 states that produce the vast majority of the crop. Similarly, 86 percent of the soybean crop has been harvested in the 18 states producing most of that crop. The five-year averages are 81 percent for corn and 85 percent for soybeans.

Farmers in the four states that produce most of the nation’s sugar beets, North Dakota, Minnesota, Idaho and Michigan, had taken in 93 percent of the crop, compared with a 90 percent five-year average.

The report also notes that the corn crop is drying a bit, with the percentage of moisture at 19 percent in the corn, compared to 21 percent last week. Soybeans remained steady at 13 percent moisture.

Gretchen Schlosser

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