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Here are some last-minute shopping tips

The website offered some last-minute shopping tips in a blog published over the weekend.

The tips are for the shoppers who start their shopping late and want to find the right thing at the right price. Having a strategy can make the holidays less stressful.

1. Stick to your list. When there’s not much time, a person can be tempted to blow the budget, so it’s good to have a list and a budget in mind before heading to the stores.

2. Donate to charity. A donation to a charity in the name of a loved one is a nice gift for people who don’t really need any more stuff. The possibility is wide, and there are charities to fit nearly anyone’s interests.

3. Shop early or late. Many stores have early morning or late evening hours when crowds are likely to be smaller and checkout lines shorter.

4. Compare and save. Check prices out online before heading to stores. It’s quicker to compare prices that way than driving from store to store.

7. Do-it-yourself. Even though it’s getting late, a person with a special talent for baking or another craft could still brighten someone’s holiday with a homemade gift.