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Willmar Police ask owners to remove 'snowbird' vehicles

WILLMAR — A holiday snowfall has brought a flurry of warnings for motorists who leave their vehicles parked at the curb longer than 48 hours.

Willmar Police have received several calls in recent days about "snowbirds" left parked and unattended on the street. City ordinance allows curbside parking for no longer than 48 hours; after that, vehicles must be moved.

The ordinance applies year round but is especially enforced in winter, when snow plows need to be able to clear streets from curb to curb to allow access for traffic and emergency vehicles.

Police officers left notices this week on several cars that haven’t been moved since the streets were plowed. Owners who fail to comply could have their vehicle towed to the city’s impound lot. They may also be forced to pay towing fees and a penalty.