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Three women face assault, theft charges for beating woman

WILLMAR — Three Willmar women made their first court appearances Wednesday on felony third-degree assault and theft charges for their roles in allegedly beating a woman and then stealing her cell phone in October.

Micahella Helen Froelich, 20, faces three felony charges, two for assault and one for theft.

Brandie Ilene Walton, 37, and Philomene Rose Skinaway, 20, each face one assault count and one theft count.

Walton and Froelich are scheduled to make their next appearances Jan. 27 in Kandiyohi County District Court.

According to the complaints, the woman reported to Willmar Police on Oct. 6 that she had been assaulted by Froelich, Walton and Skinaway.

The woman had visible injuries to her face, had a fractured eye socket, a broken nose and significant bruises to her face and body. She was advised by medical personnel at Rice Memorial Hospital that she would need to follow up with an eye specialist in the Twin Cities.

The woman said she had been bullied by Skinaway at her workplace and had reported the incidents, which got Skinaway fired from her job at the same business.

She said all three women had entered her bedroom by breaking down the door and assaulted her, with Froelich taking her phone, because Froelich thought she had been taping the beating.

Walton eventually told the other women to stop hitting the victim and then the trio left the residence, but not before Froelich said that if the woman reported the incident to law enforcement, there would be more of the same for the woman.

The phone, an iPhone 5 with a case, was valued at $800.

All three women were interviewed during the investigation, with Froelich and Walton claiming they didn’t assault the woman or enter her bedroom, but that Skinaway had assaulted the woman and yelled at her.

Walton also told investigators that Skinaway claimed that she’d killed the woman and that Skinaway said she’d cleaned up the apartment and washed away all the blood that the woman had bled on the floor during the assault.

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