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This is the records summary for Jan. 30.

Cars get towed for snow removal

WILLMAR –– Vehicles left on the streets in Willmar during snow emergencies are being towed to the city impound lot.

There were at least a dozen vehicles towed on Wednesday.

The minimum cost to get a vehicle out of the impound lot is $115.

Willmar Police Capt. Jim Felt said vehicles need to be removed from streets so that plows can remove snow to keep city streets safe.

He said towing vehicles is a lot of work for officers and isn’t a money maker.

“We don’t like towing cars,” said Felt. “We’re not in the business to make money.”

Other than a small administrative fee that goes to the city’s general fund, the majority of the cost goes to the towing company.

Once a vehicle has a placard placed on it with a warning that it will be towed, owners have a four-hour grace period to move the vehicle before a tow truck is called, said Felt.

It costs $115 to get a vehicle out of the impound lot, if a request is made within 48 hours of the vehicle being placed in the lot.

Another $10 is charged for every day after that.

Felt said help is available 24 hours a day to get a vehicle out of the impound lot by making a request at the Police Department.

Vehicles must have current registration and are released only to the registered owner.

In the case of college kids driving vehicles that belong to out-of-town parents, Felt said a notarized note from the parents is required before the car is released to the student.

— Carolyn Lange


WILLMAR –– Police received a report Wednesday night that a coin-operated children’s ride, located at 1605 First Street South, may have had the coin mechanism stolen. It was later reported that it was unclear if the item had been stolen or was being repaired.