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Records for Feb. 7

This is the records summary for Feb. 7.

Men honored for rescuing hunters after boat capsized

LITCHFIELD — Citizen Lifesaving Awards were presented by the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday to Dustin Lang of Hutchinson and Alex Mereness of Eagan.

Lang, 19, and Mereness, 20, helped save three duck hunters whose boat capsized on Lake Washington on Nov. 15.

The three duck hunters were retrieving ducks when their boat capsized a couple of hundred yards from shore, sending two of them into the water. The third man was able to hang onto the boat.

Lang and Mereness were hunting nearby and heard the calls for help. They assisted the three hunters out of the icy water, retrieved as many personal effects as they could find, and brought them safely to shore at a boat landing on Meeker County Highway 14 between Lake Washington and Lake Stella.


WILLMAR — Willmar police were able to calm down a situation that broke out Thursday morning while an apartment parking lot was being cleared of snow.

A private contractor was towing vehicles from the lot around 9:30 a.m. when a car owner apparently became upset, climbed into his vehicle while it was on the tow truck and refused to get out.

An employee of the towing contractor reportedly was almost injured in the altercation, which ended when police showed up on the scene.

The incident was the second to occur while the parking lot was being cleared of vehicles. A van that had been loaded onto a flatbed truck for removal was driven off the truck by its owner, who then drove the van into a snowbank and got stuck.

The incident happened in the 1400 block of 19th Avenue Southeast. No criminal charges are immediately pending.


WILLMAR — A theft from a locker at the Kandiyohi County Family Area YMCA was reported Thursday to Willmar police. The incident happened Wednesday evening.

A set of car keys and a wallet containing a driver’s license, Social Security number, checkbook, debit card and $20 in cash were taken.

KANDIYOHI — Several items were taken in an overnight break-in at a garage and shop on Third Street South in Kandiyohi. The Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident, which was reported Thursday morning.