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This is the records summary for Feb. 13.


WILLMAR — The theft of a cellphone, valued at $600, was reported around 7:10 p.m. Tuesday at the Kandi Mall, 1605 First St. S.

WILLMAR — The theft of stamps and money was reported around 1 p.m. Wednesday along the 1000 block of Third Street Southeast.

District Court, Kandiyohi County

- Onesimo Juarez Jr., 56, of Willmar, made his first appearance Wednesday on four felony charges of domestic assault and domestic assault by strangulation.

Unconditional bail was set at $50,000. His next appearance is Feb. 24.

According to the complaint, Willmar Police were called on Monday to the Viking Motel on a domestic. An officer knocked on the door of a room and Juarez and a woman came to the door, but Juarez wouldn’t open the door or let the woman talk with the officer. Juarez claimed the visible injuries to the women’s face were because she fell on the ice.

The officer persisted in his request to speak with the woman, who then took the officer into the bathroom of the motel room. She turned on the bathroom fan before telling the officer that Juarez had assaulted her on multiple occasions, including choking her with his hands. The woman showed the officer injuries to her face, chest, arms, legs and abdomen.

Juarez’s criminal history includes multiple convictions for assault, domestic assault and violating harassment restraining orders and orders for protection, including two felony convictions in Swift and Kandiyohi counties in 2013 and 2010.

- Andrew Michael Bernstein, 25, of New London, made his first appearance Wednesday on two felony charges of financial transaction card fraud and theft.

Unconditional bail was set at $10,000. His next appearance is Feb. 24.

According to the complaint, a case of credit card fraud was reported on Dec. 21 to the Kandiyohi County Sheriff’s Office and Bernstein allegedly admitted to taking a new credit card from a person’s mail, creating a personal identification number for the card and then using it for multiple purchases. The purchases included $1,733.18 in charges and cash advances, according to statements provided by the owner of the card.

- Adam Alvarado, 33, of Willmar, made his first appearance Wednesday on three felony charges of second-degree drug sale or possession and for fifth-degree drug possession.

Unconditional bail was set at $30,000. His next appearance is Feb. 24.

Alvarado also faces a misdemeanor charge of possession of more than 1.4 grams of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

According to the complaint, on Oct. 30 a CEE-VI Drug Task Force agent spotted a black pickup along Willmar Avenue that had been involved in an earlier drug investigation. The officer followed the vehicle to a residence along Kandiyohi Avenue, where a man, later identified as Alvarado, got out of the vehicle and then took a suitcase with him into a residence. The man later exited the house with the suitcase, which appeared heavier, shook hands with another man, put the suitcase in the vehicle and drove away. The officer initiated a traffic stop and saw a small bag containing white crystal substance on the floor at the driver’s feet. The driver identified himself as Alvarado and said he didn’t have a valid license. He allegedly admitted that the bag contained meth residue and that there was marijuana in the suitcase.

Alvarado was arrested and a search of his person revealed three fentanyl patches in his pockets. A search of his vehicle revealed 28.82 grams of marijuana. The vehicle was towed and another, later search revealed a bag containing 17.49 grams of meth under the seat of the vehicle.

In an interview, Alvarado allegedly admitted to stashing the meth during the traffic stop and that he bought it from a man from Texas by trading televisions.