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This is the records summary for Feb. 28.

District Court, Kandiyohi County

- Terrance Jonathan Savoy, 24, of Spicer, pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony charge of fifth-degree drug sale for selling 2.9 grams of marijuana to an informant for the CEE-VI Drug Task Force.

He will be sentenced April 10.

The charge was filed after the informant told drug task force agents on July 9 that the informant could buy an eighth ounce of marijuana from Savoy. They met near the intersection of Ann Street and Becker Avenue Southeast and completed the deal in a vehicle. The informant handed over a bag of marijuana that weighed 2.9 grams and identified Savoy by a photo. Agents observing the purchase also recognized Savoy.

- Octavio Valenzuela Solis, 38, of Willmar, pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault.

As part of a plea agreement, a felony charge of domestic assault by strangulation will be dismissed. He will be sentenced April 7.

The charges were filed after Nov. 20, when Willmar Police were called to the Super America gas station on First Street for a domestic assault happening in a vehicle. A State Trooper also responding to the incident stopped a vehicle near Becker and Ferring Street that matched the description given by the person reporting the incident to 911 dispatchers.

The driver was identified as Solis and the female passenger said they had argued while driving to Willmar and that he’d hit her in the face somewhere near Lake Lillian. She’d attempted to walk away from Solis at the gas station, but he put her in a headlock and then dragged her back to the vehicle. The woman had injuries to her face and lip.

Solis was arrested. The person who called 911 reported seeing Solis drag the woman to the vehicle.