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This is the records summary for April 5.

Property damage

WILLMAR — A woman reported Thursday afternoon that someone threw something at her car and broke a window. The woman reported that she was driving west on Highway 12 near 11th Street Southwest when she heard a loud thud. She continued driving, and her window shattered after she had crossed the bridge on Highway 12.

District Court, Kandiyohi County

- Roberto Zamora Jr., 31, appeared in Kandiyohi County District Court Friday on a list of charges that were filed against him 12 years ago.

Zamora was arrested this week on a warrant issued in 2002 when he failed to appear at a court hearing. He is being held in the Kandiyohi County Jail on $20,000 bail. His next court date is April 14.

In August 2002, Zamora, 20 years old at the time, was charged with a second-degree controlled substance crime, open bottle, no insurance, underage drinking and driving, no Minnesota driver’s license, and giving a false name to a peace officer.

The arrest warrant for Zamora was issued after he failed to appear at an Oct. 4, 2002, hearing.

Zamora has apparently had some contact with the courts over the years.

According to court records, in August 2004, Zamora sent a handwritten letter to Kandiyohi County courts asking to file a federal motion for a speedy trial. He said in the letter that he was incarcerated in Texas.

The court responded that he had made a request under federal statutes for a case filed in state courts. The court administrator’s office at the time mailed him a copy of state statutes that might apply and recommended he consult an attorney.

In June 2006, Zamora sent a handwritten to Judge Donald Spilseth asking to be sentenced to his time served to settle the criminal case. Zamora apologized for violating the law while he had a drug problem and said he had been rehabilitated. He wrote that he had fled the state because he was afraid of being incarcerated away from his family. He was in the state as a migrant worker, he wrote.

Also in June 2006, the Kandiyohi County attorney’s office responded that Zamora needed to return to face the charges, as the second-degree drug charge carries mandatory prison time.

Spilseth wrote to Zamora in early July 2006 that he couldn’t handle the case in that way and urged him to contact a lawyer.

Marriage licenses, Kandiyohi County

Monica Kristen Ashburn, Willmar; Brendan Powell MacDonald, Willmar

Angel Ignacio Ramirez Alejandro, Willmar; Marina Hernandez, Willmar

Jake Ryan Pederson, Benson; Kimberly Rae Miller, Clontarf

Charissa Jean Pederson, Buffalo; Nathaniel David Gazelka, Willmar