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‘United We Stand’ theme of Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

WILLMAR — “United We Stand’’ was the theme for the annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning at the Assembly of God Church, part of the 63rd annual National Day of Prayer observance.

Organizers said 122 people attended the Willmar breakfast.

Keynote speakers Rod and Annette Rice, pastors at Word of Faith Family Church, addressed the theme.

Annette Rice said unity is the state of being in full agreement. She noted the word “community’’ ends with the word “unity,’’ with all working together to accomplish the same purpose, the same goal and hopefully to make it better.

“There is an order to things when unity is involved,’’ she said.

As an example, an orchestra is not an orchestra without the different instruments. But they all are performing the same piece of music together on the same beat in unity. Then it’s a masterpiece, she said.

“It wouldn’t be much of an orchestra if everybody wanted to play a different song at the same time and it wouldn’t be much that you’d want to listen to,’’ she said.

“But because everybody is in unity, and an orchestra is a beautiful example of that, it is something that you want to listen to and take part in and does great things for the soul,’’ she said.

“We all have our part to do in the community. We all are different, and that’s OK. It’s OK that everybody plays a different instrument in the orchestra. That’s what’s needed,’’ she said. “We can be a community that has unity because that’s what the purpose of community is.’’

Rod Rice, who grew up in Willmar and graduated from Willmar High School, said unity does not mean sameness.

“Unity is bringing your gifts and talents and adding them to the whole of our community,’’ he said. “Just thank God. Don’t take for granted for what we’ve been given as a country as well as a community. This is a great place to live. This is a great place to bring up a family. This is a great place to work together and to accomplish the great things that a community can accomplish.’’

Rice said those gathered at the breakfast were asking for God’s guidance for unity.

“We may not agree exactly on everything. That’s all right,’’ he said.

Rice, who came from a construction background, said many different gifts and talents are needed to build a community, just like it takes many different talents and gifts to build a house.

“One thing you wouldn’t want to do is have a roofer install your toilet because he’d put it on top of the roof,’’ he said to the chuckles of the audience. “And for sure, you wouldn’t want an electrician hook up your toilet either because when you flush, it would be a very shocking experience.’’

Rice said each of Willmar’s more than 20,000 citizens has something to contribute and someone to appreciate.

“We need to appreciate and draw from one another. Today and every day our contribution should be to pray for our mayor, our City Council, our city staff, our police and fire departments, ambulance service, our schools, churches, businesses and fellow citizen,’’ he said.

David Little
David Little covers the Willmar City Council, Willmar Municipal Utilities and other city news.
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