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Juror: Not easy verdict in Cottonwood school bus crash trial

COTTONWOOD, Minn. (AP) - The jurors who convicted a woman in the Cottonwood bus crash that killed four kids last February say it wasn't an easy verdict.

Juror Denee Elwood says the group was split when it took its first vote after several days of testimony in the trial of Olga Franco. Elwood says the jury methodically reviewed the testimony and slowly began moving to conviction.

Elwood says the biggest factor was that Franco was found in the van that hit the bus with her foot near the gas pedal. Franco testified that it was her boyfriend driving the van, but the jury didn't believe it.

Mayor Ellen Lenz says she thinks it's a help for the victims' families that Franco has been convicted. And some residents of Cottonwood say they're glad the trial ended before the school year starts.

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