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Teen sentenced for assault with knife

WILLMAR -- A 17-year-old Willmar boy was sentenced Friday to 16 days at Prairie Lakes Youth Programs, 80 hours of community service and probation until his 19th birthday on a felony charge of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon for an April 23 altercation near downtown Willmar.

Francisco R. Vallejo Jr. was also ordered to pay $530 in restitution for damages to a vehicle, to not use or possess dangerous weapons, to attend victim-offender mediation and serve 115 days of electronic home monitoring. He was given credit for 115 days of monitoring and for 16 days already served at Prairie Lakes.

Vallejo was also found guilty of misdemeanor damage to property during a July 23 court trial in Kandiyohi County District Court. Felony matters against 16- and 17-year-olds are public record.

The charges were filed after Willmar police were called around 3 p.m. April 23 to the Willmar Public Library on a report that someone pulled a knife on a group waiting in a vehicle at a stop sign and then ran into the library.

One of the people in the vehicle provided a description of the individual, who was identified as Vallejo as he left a restroom with a group of boys. When an officer asked Vallejo and another boy what happened, they said someone in the vehicle yelled at them and that nothing happened.

A woman in the vehicle told officers she had stopped at Sixth Street and Trott Avenue Southwest when two males entered the crosswalk in front of them. She said Vallejo then made an obscene hand gesture.

A male accompanying the woman in the vehicle yelled at Vallejo and questioned him because there were children in the vehicle.

Vallejo came to the driver's window, pulled a pocket knife and attempted to reach through the partially open window, according to the complaint. The driver attempted to close the window but Vallejo continued to jab at it in an attempt to break it. He pounded on the vehicle's windows and yelled at the man to come out and fight.

The driver told officers she couldn't move the vehicle as other motorists were crossing the intersection. When questioned, the boy accompanying Vallejo denied that Vallejo had made a gesture or pulled a knife.

Officers searched the library and questioned other juveniles. No knife was recovered.