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Cities report mayor, city council results

Voters in cities across the region elected mayors and city council members on Tuesday.

Final unofficial tallies are listed below.


Former mayor Ron Ronning was returned for another stint in office, defeating Larry Johnson 469 to 270. The current mayor, Al Johnson, did not seek another term.

In an upset, City Council members Scott Conn and Chad Galland were defeated for re-election. Voters chose Al Smith, 347 votes, and Marie Rolfsmeier, 330 votes. A third challenger, Luanne Kessler, received 229 votes. Conn had 265 votes and Galland came in last, with 186 votes.


Dianne Donner and Janet Anderson were elected to the City Council in a four-way race. Donner was the top vote-getter, with 95 votes. Anderson had 92 votes. Jacky Schmidt followed with 72 votes and Roger Beavers with 62 votes.

Marlo Sander was uncontested in his bid for mayor, receiving 172 votes.

Bird Island

Robert Seidl Jr. was elected the new mayor in a three-way contest. Seidl received 250 votes. Candidate Betty Schemmel came in second with 181 votes and council member Jeff Engelmann, who was seeking election to the mayor's position, was third with 170 votes. The seat was left open after Mayor Paul Heyl decided not to seek re-election.

In a race for two positions open on the City Council, incumbent Jim Schneider was re-elected with 382 votes. Douglas Hightshoe was elected to the other seat with 264 votes, replacing Larry Welsh who did not file for another term. Darin Strandberg received 222 votes and Diane Wohnoutka had 177 votes.

Voters also approved the sale of Sunday liquor, 316 to 271.


Daryl Lippert, who ran unopposed for mayor, was elected with 97 votes.

Elected to the council were Roy Boone, 81 votes, and Thomas L. Schroer, 70 votes. They were unopposed.


Larry Putz was elected mayor with 303 votes. He ran unopposed.

Thor Amundson, with 292 votes, and Jon Marchand, with 215 votes, were elected to the City Council. They were the only two candidates to file.

Clara City

Mayor Kurt Koenen lost a bid for re-election to Joseph J. Thissen, 305 to 379.

Lester Feia was re-elected to the City Council with 364 votes. Mike Thein received 345 votes to be elected to the other open position on the council. Duane Jaenisch had 224 votes and Peter "Jim" Thoma, 294 votes.


Tom Staton was elected mayor with 51 votes. He was unopposed.

Jesse Kent, with 73 votes, and Donna Gode, with 50 votes, were elected to the City Council.


Gary Martin was elected the new mayor in a three-way contest. He had 116 votes, followed by Jake M. Degner with 111 votes and Dale D. Jackson with 43 votes. Current mayor Benita Hackbarth did not seek re-election.

Wade Haley and Mike McRoberts were elected to two open positions on the City Council. Haley, an incumbent, had 195 votes. McRoberts received 198 votes. He will take the seat being vacated by Mike Lang, who did not file for another term.


Gene Allex Sr. unseated Chad Cole in a contest for mayor. Allex had 139 votes to Cole's 104 votes.

The city also has two new members on its City Council, electing Allan Strunc with 200 votes and Ryan Bentley with 176 votes. They'll replace Damon Bratsch and Betty Tepfer, who did not seek re-election.


Tim Mathison, with 108 votes, and Diane E. Porth, with 89 votes, were elected in a four-way contest to the City Council. Jeremy Cates had 69 votes and Clinton Lindquist received 54 votes.

Orlan Cervin was elected mayor with 114 votes, defeating Michael J.J. Diederich, who had 72 votes.


Mayor Merlin Ellefson was re-elected with 727 votes. He was unopposed.

Incumbent Jeff Olson was returned to his Ward 1 City Council seat with 517 votes. John Harker received 228 votes.

Write-in votes will determine Ward 2 representation. Incumbent Jeff Fish did not seek re-election to the Ward 2 seat, and no one else filed.

John "J.T." Schacherer was unopposed for the Ward 3 seat and received 673 votes. Incumbent Pam Helgeson did not seek re-election.


Darren Gjerset and John Brandts were the top vote-getters in a field of five contestants for two openings on the City Council. Gjerset had 55 votes and Brandts had 50 votes. They were followed by Christopher A. Berends and Mike Zabel, who each received 46 votes, and Jeremy Varpness with 38 votes.

Daniel Larsen was elected mayor with 83 votes. He ran unopposed.


Mary Ballard was re-elected to the City Commission with 593 votes. She'll be joined by newcomer Jack Christman, who received 758 votes. Incumbent Cody Rogahn did not seek another term. Jeff Jorgenson received 558 votes and Chintana Ohl had 361 votes.

Granite Falls

Mayor Dave Smiglewski was unopposed for re-election to the mayor's position and received 1,357 votes.

Ward 1 councilman Bill Miller was re-elected with 710 votes, and current councilman Joseph Fagnano was elected to the other Ward 1 seat with 715 votes. Fagnano has served in an at-large seat.

No one filed for the at-large position vacated by Fagnano and that seat will be determined by write-in votes.

Grove City

In a three-way contest for mayor, Gerald Rueckert was elected with 154 votes. Challenger Douglas Pratt received 99 votes, followed by David Olson with 52 votes.

William Houselog, with 199 votes, and Gwen Cram, with 176 votes, were elected to the City Council. The third candidate, Dan Pehle, received 115 votes.

Hanley Falls

Richard L. Hagen was elected mayor with 107 votes.

Glenn A. Oftedahl was elected to one of two seats on the City Council with 100 votes. Write-in votes will determine the other council member.


Josh Curtis Larson became the newest member of the City Council, receiving 156 votes. He replaces Tom Peterson, who did not file for re-election. Incumbent Brad Howard also was re-elected with 117 votes. Candidate Robert Boehme had 103 votes, followed by Ronald Bloomquist with 82 votes.

Craig Aurand was elected to another term as mayor with 229 votes.


Brian Thompson was re-elected mayor with 337 votes and Bruce Thayer and Mona Doering were elected to the City Council. Thayer, the incumbent, had 341 votes and Doering had 307 votes. All three ran unopposed. Councilman Jim Rother did not file for re-election.

Lake Lillian

Write-in votes will determine who is elected mayor and who will serve a two-year term on the City Council.

Incumbent Donnavon Garberich and Ross Wittman will serve in two other seats on the City Council, each receiving 92 votes.


Ward 4 voters elected Vernon Loch Jr. to the City Council, ousting the incumbent, Larry Dahl. Loch had 319 votes and Dahl received 240 votes. The third challenger, George Polingo, had 118 votes.

In Ward 2, Connie Lies was re-elected with 486 votes. Ron Dingmann also became the city's new council member serving at large, receiving 2,891 votes. The at-large seat is being vacated by Danielle Rodgers.


Greg Thole, mayor, was elected to another term with 806 votes. Maynard Meyer, with 824 votes, and Rick Gail, with 550 votes, also were re-elected to the City Council. All three were unopposed.


Richard Groothuis was re-elected mayor with 155 votes. Two incumbents also were re-elected to the City Council -- Dan Bristle, with 149 votes, and Gloria Sims, 101 votes. They ran unopposed.


Nancy Strand defeated Mayor Ronald Anderson in his bid for re-election, 81 to 75. Two council members managed to hang onto their positions for another term, however. Roy M. Delgehausen, with 86 votes, and Heidi Hanson, with 92 votes, were both re-elected. The third candidate, Starr N. Lindberg, had 68 votes.


Jim Curtiss won another term as mayor, receiving 2,233 votes. He was unopposed.

Sandra Hodge, the current council president, also was re-elected with 1,396 votes. Al Johnsrud became the newest member of the council, receiving 1,731 votes, trailed by Jeremy Pauling, with 1,145 votes. Incumbent Mike Diggins did not re-file.


Bill R. Miller was re-elected mayor with 1,056 votes. Barb Kirtz, with 951 votes, and Terry Kohout, with 973 votes, were re-elected to the City Council. All three ran unopposed.


Dennis Zimmerman became the newest member of the City Council, receiving 741 votes. He replaces Tom Lindquist, who did not seek another term. Incumbent Jeff Bertram was re-elected with 638 votes. Challenger Darlene Loven received 513 votes.

Jeff Thompson was elected to another term as mayor with 1,043 votes.


Wanda Woltjer was elected to the City Council position that's being vacated by Mike Schackman. She received 114 votes. Jeff Arends also was re-elected to the council with 137 votes. Challenger Justin Godbee received 90 votes.

Mayor Kevin Crowley was re-elected with 180 votes.


Mayor Harvey Van Eps was re-elected with 310 votes. He was unopposed.

Roger Ahrenholz was elected to one of two seats on the City Council with 271 votes. Information was not immediately available about the winner of the other seat. Chuck Ledeboer received 119 votes, but 161 write-in votes were cast.

Council members Harvey Roelofs and George Sportel did not seek re-election.


Ron Ulferts, who did not officially file for another term, was re-elected anyway after a citizens' petition put his name on the ballot. He received 263 votes, while challenger Werner David Nurmi received 112 votes.

Tanya Call, with 247 votes, became the newest member of the City Council. Incumbent David Wassink was re-elected with 208 votes, while the other incumbent, Wayne Haukos, was unseated after placing last with 188 votes.


Voters elected Jack Kotten as mayor with 24 votes. James Halvorson, with 21 votes, and Beth A. Sturtz, with 22 votes, were elected to the City Council.


Janette M. Wertish became the city's new mayor, receiving 368 votes. Challenger Don McClurg had 206 votes. The current mayor, Wilbur Standfuss, did not seek another term.

Al Rohlik was re-elected to the City Council with 447 votes. David Armstrong also was elected with 351 votes. He will replace Laura Haen, who did not re-file. A third candidate, Duane Luttenauer, received 210 votes.


Helen J. Pladsen, with 341 votes, and Jamie Logan, with 299 votes, topped a field of five candidates for election to two seats on the City Council. Darin Peterson had 286 votes, David Hoffmann had 259 and Janice Raaum had 72 votes.

Steven C. Dinsmore was elected mayor with 438 votes. Challenger Brett Nathan Erickson had 248 votes.


Scott Jorgenson, with 40 votes, and Mervin Martin, with 35 votes, were both re-elected to the City Council. A third candidate, Michael O'Leary, received 22 votes.

James Feldman was re-elected mayor, receiving 47 votes.

Wood Lake

DeWayne Schaffran was elected mayor with 192 votes. Sean Brovold, with 166 votes, and Tammi Mueller, with 161 votes, were elected to the City Council. All three were unopposed.

Hospitaldistrict votes

Dawson Area

Four people were elected to the board of the Dawson Area Hospital District.

They are Vallerie Sather, 94 votes, representing Hamlin Township; Daniel R. Fondell, 89 votes, representing Maxwell Township; Norma J. Powers, 159 votes, representing Riverside Township; and Tammy Schacherer, 1,476 votes, member at large. No one filed as the Cerro Gordo Township representative, but several write-in votes were cast.

Glacial Ridge

Voters picked Gerald Maher as the hospital district board representative from the city of Glenwood. Maher received 987 votes, while the other candidate, Dareld Hirschey, received 303 votes.

Also elected were Byron Knutson, 288 votes, representing Brooten; Gary Kirckof, 139 votes, representing Villard; Erling Baalson, 82 votes, representing Bangor Township; David Sibell, 558 votes, representing Glenwood Township; and Robert Moe, 59 votes, representing Lake Johanna Township.

Openings in Westport and Chippewa Falls Township will be decided by write-in votes.


Voters settled contests for three of the six positions open on the Paynesville Hospital District Board.

Ross Amundson defeated Douglas A. Ruhland, 532 to 213, to represent Eden Lake Township on the board.

In Eden Valley, Robert Stenger won with 105 votes over Christy Swafford, 74 votes.

Joseph W. Stephanie was elected the at-large member for Paynesville, receiving 2,242 votes over Jeff Kane, who had 1,723 votes.

Also elected were Lois Roback, 970 votes, representing Paynesville; Bob Brauchler, 23 votes, representing Regal; and Diane Rothstein, 134 votes, representing St. Martin.