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H1N1 shot is available for target groups in the county

Kandiyohi County Public Health announced the availability Wednesday of H1N1 novel influenza vaccine in the community for certain groups.

Individuals who are in one of the target groups and want to seek vaccination are asked to contact their health care provider. According to Kandiyohi County Public Health, the vaccine supply has improved but there still is not enough swine flu vaccine to serve everyone in the target groups.

People are encouraged to continue checking periodically with their health care provider for availability.

Kandiyohi County Public Health will be holding clinics for targeted groups of people as the vaccine supply allows. Kandiyohi County Public Health also is able to assist community members who do not have a primary health care provider or are uninsured. Please call 320-231-7860 for assistance or for information about upcoming clinics.

With the start of seasonal influenza, it's also not too late to seek seasonal vaccine from your health care provider.

New statistics from the state Health Department show that swine flu activity in the state remains at a low ebb, although five new deaths were reported.

The department said Wednesday that only one school reported an outbreak of influenza-like illness for the week of Nov. 29 to Dec. 5.

That's about the same as the previous week and a far cry from the numbers in October, when more 200 schools reported outbreaks three weeks in a row.

However, the department confirmed five more deaths from swine flu. There have now been 44 swine flu deaths in the state and six deaths from seasonal or unspecified influenzas this year.

Health officials caution that although the second wave of illness is nearly over, a third wave could be in the future and residents should still get vaccinated.

The Associated Press also contributed to this story.